11 Common Spiritual Flu Symptoms

11 Common Spiritual Flu Symptoms

Have you ever heard of a 'spiritual flu?' Neither had I until two years ago. But I also had one over five years ago, while I was in Israel, unbeknownst to me at the time!

Two years ago, I had a serious physical and emotional breakdown. My eyes were burning up and literally were in pain but I didn't have a detectable fever. I was crying for no apparent reason- and my eye pain preceded my crying. My head was aching, specifically in the front of my head, in my third eye chakra. In fact, my whole body was weak and I felt exhausted!

As an energy healer, I am very attuned to what the physical body is trying to tell me. According to the work of Louise Hay, each symptom, each state of dis-ease, comes from an energetic root. And try as I may, I couldn't figure out the root.


It wasn't until I learned that there was a wave of heavy energy and major energetic shifts in the universe that it clicked in my head. What I had experienced were ascension activations in my chakras. There has been some of this activity reported lately too. 

What does this mean in plain English?

It means my body was clearing out old energy that I no longer needed.  And new, lighter frequencies were taking its place.

A good metaphor for this when Apple sends you updates for your iPhone. First, your phone has to shut down as it receives the update. During this 'seemingly' useless period, your phone is installing a better and more streamlined operating system so that your phone operates in a more efficient manner.

The thing with the iPhone is, you can delay the update if it is not convenient for you. If you have business to attend to or are not connected to Wi-Fi, then you can put it off. However, this (and my previous) spiritual flu hit me without my control or consent!

That year, it hit me during the night of my best friend's 40th birthday party celebration. Looking back on the night, I intuited a car accident that night. I knew I felt terrible and then saw a car accident in my mind's eye but ignored it. How could I not go to her party?

But I didn't listen and went anyway. Well, the crash and burn was ME! I was off and I was one hot mess. In Jerusalem five years ago, a known energetic vortex, it was the same thing. Looking back now, I can see clearly that the energetic update in Israel preceded major personal and professional changes in my life.

And so, the universe knocked me on my ass for a few days, updating my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual hard drive without my consent. It was very inconvenient and unexpected. And, thank goodness my friend forgave me.

And, it's ok that it happened because good change came into my life. Once all the glitches were worked out, I was up and running a more efficient and streamlined version of me. I felt so much more in touch with my intuition after.

Note: I did check with my doctor to make sure it wasn't anything major and she gave me a clean bill of health. There was nothing physically going on with me.

In today's Energy Healing Toolkit, I go over 11 common spiritual flu symptoms. Again, make sure you check with your doctor to rule out anything else! (This is not medical advice!) 

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Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Namaste- Marci


11 Common Spiritual Flu Symptoms

Ascension, of the act of raising your vibration, is not something to fear. Your vibration is getting lighter and finer.

Here are some common ascension (or spiritual flu) symptoms:

1) Ringing or buzzing in your ears: Your body is adjusting to the higher vibration. The ears tend to sense this first - like when you are on an airplane.

2) Aches and pains all over your body:  Your body is letting go of heavier, dense energy that needs to move out. 

3) Emotional outbursts (crying, anger, etc.): Your body is processing and letting go of old emotional energy that needs to clear out. 

4) Headaches (especially in the center of your forehead): This is the Third Eye chakra opening to heightened intuition. Your whole head might hurt too, again, as it indicates a change in altitude and updating.

5) Increased sensitivity and empathy: Your intuitive gifts are expanding. You also might be tuning into the emotions and energy of others! Make sure you shield yourself!

6) A change in sleep patterns: You might sleep a lot OR be wired.

7) Outgrowing relationships: Over time, you realize that lower vibration relationships don't serve you. They might fall away naturally OR have a dramatic end.

8) Crazy dreams: Your subconscious might be processing and letting go of stored trauma. You also might be getting downloads of information.

9) Skin sensations: You might have hives or itching for no reason. You might have a tingling feeling in your body. You might tune into your chakras feel them vibrating as well.

10) Feeling scattered and ungrounded: You might feel spacey in your head and even clumsy.

11) Anything goes: Everyone experiences ascension differently. And this time might not look or feel anything like the last time. Honor your body and needs.

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