25 Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

25 Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

Being a female entrepreneur is an act of courage and fearlessness.

It requires passion, a brave heart and a commitment to see the bigger picture, even when times get tough.

It certainly can be a rollercoaster!

With that said, it is the greatest ride to be on because there are so many benefits!

Some of which include: you are working for yourself, you have an important say and autonomy in your life, great potential for making an impact, abundance in the form of money, countless opportunities for personal growth and the list goes on!!

On the days when it feels like you need a little boost, here are 25 affirmations to help you on this journey:

25 Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

  1. It’s safe for me to be seen and heard.
  2. I am always shown the next steps to take in my business.
  3. Inspiration flows through me with ease.
  4. I take inspired action around my ideas.
  5. I am open to receiving abundance in exchange for my gifts and services.
  6. I hear my intuition and I trust her guidance.
  7. My work is unique and desired by the masses.
  8. My offerings and services are met with people who are ready and excited to buy.
  9. Support shows up in all forms always.
  10. Content comes through divine downloads easily and effortlessly.
  11. I lead in my business from a place of pleasure and fun.
  12. My feminine essence of being, knowing, and receiving guides me to greatest success.
  13. What I offer is the medicine others are looking for. 
  14. My offers are welcomed with high paying clients and customers.
  15. My clear knowing is the guiding force in my business.
  16. I set boundaries with power and ease.
  17. Play, fun, and rest are integrated into my work day.
  18. Trust and surrender are the cornerstones of my business.
  19. As I heal myself, more abundance flows to me.
  20. Motivation and determination come easily when I’m inspired and in alignment.
  21. My vision is clear when I take care of myself.
  22. When I take care of myself, everything else is automatically taken care of too.
  23. When I tap into my inner goddess, anything is possible.
  24. When I get clear on my inner vision, my outer reality aligns.
  25. I am worthy of success on every level: mental, physical, emotional, in all time/space dimensions!


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