25 Affirmations Upon Waking

25 Affirmations Upon Waking

Did you know that how you wake up sets the tone of the whole day?

When we first wake up, our brain waves are in a slower state and are very receptive to positive affirmations.

When we continue to repeat certain thoughts over and over again, we are able to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind can be compared to the elevator music that is always playing in the background.

The continued repetition of positive thoughts can rewire our brains from negative thinking to positive thinking.

Ultimately, this positivity can bring great change to our lives!

Here are 25 affirmations upon waking for you to start your day off on a positive note.

25 Affirmations Upon Waking

  1. Today is going to be a great day!
  2. As I arise into this new day, I am greeted with positivity, energy & excitement.
  3. I am awake in my best possible timeline.
  4. All of the people, places & situations that support my expansion flow easily & effortlessly into my life.
  5. My vibrancy and vitality radiate into this new day just like the shining sun!
  6. My joy and open heart are a gift to this world!
  7. As I align with what makes me happy, it gives permission for everyone else to do the same.
  8. I am authentic in how I express myself today and always.
  9. My creativity flows through me as I am inspired by the magic of life!
  10. It is safe to show up in my life in big ways!
  11. My open heart is a magnet for miracles!
  12. I am the co-creator of my life and I am here to make a significant impact on the world.
  13. I take inspired action on my dreams with ease & grace.
  14. It is a new day & I am excited with all that it brings.
  15. I trust the mystery of life as I embark on this new day!
  16. I radiate vibrant health in body, mind and spirit!
  17. My body is healthy and I am motivated to move it in ways that feel good!
  18. My mind is clear and calm as I start my day.
  19. I am living my dream life and everything I do aligns with anchoring it in.
  20. My connection to my intuition is the most important ally I have in my life.
  21. Today and every day, I hear my intuition and trust its guidance.
  22. I am worthy of everything I desire!
  23. I honor what I need today, even if it means resting and relaxing.
  24. The voice of my soul is the clearest voice in my life.
  25. I am always shown the next steps to take in my life!




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