8 Ways to Clear & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

8 Ways to Clear & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and the energy just felt awful? You don’t know why, but the air felt heavy and you wanted to just turn around and run away? Conversely, have you ever entered a room and it instantly put you at ease and you felt peaceful?

In the first instance, the energy of the room is low and stagnant. This is caused for a variety of reasons but ultimately, this energy can make you feel anxious, sick, sad, and tense.

In the second example, the vibration of the room is high and feels light. Spas and hotels are very attentive to the energy of their spaces!

Clearing the energy in your space and bringing in positive, high energy can work wonders for your home and life. When you clear the energy of your house on a regular basis, you will notice that you feel better and are more productive.

In today’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I offer you easy ways to clear and raise the vibration of your home.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me.


8 Easy Ways to Clear & Raise the Vibration of Your Home

1. Burn sage or use a sage spray regularly
Sage is the most effective way to clear heavy energy from your home. Read more about how it works HERE.

2. Put a lucky bamboo plant in your home
Feng Shui says that it attracts positive chi energy.

3. Fill your house with crystals
Select crystals that you feel good holding. Some recommendations are selenite (to clear negative energies and clear your other crystals), black tourmaline (to cleanse, purify and and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration) and amethyst (to bring peace into the space).

4. Open the windows
Stagnant energy is heavy. Fresh air will move through your home, carry away the negativity and raise the vibration instantly.

5. Burn candles
If you can’t open the windows, burn a candle. It will refresh the energy in the room. When I light a candle, I always set a positive intention such as, “May the light of this candle usher in positive energy.”

6. Surround yourself with beautiful images and quotes
When you feel good, that energy is emitted into your home. Fill your home with pictures and words that uplift your spirit and make you happy when you look at them!

7. Ring a bell
Sound is an amazing way to shift energy. Hang wind chimes in the front of your house and in your backyard. If you live in an apartment, hang chimes near the door to move the chi. Walk around your house ringing a bell. The sound will lighten the vibration. Music can be played as well if you don’t have a bell.

8. Turn on a Himalayan Salt Lamp
The benefits of the lamp are said to promote relaxation, combat stress and pull negative energy and pollutants out of the air.

By following these tips often, you will notice the energy of your home feeling lighter in no time!