Calm the Voice of Your Ego

Calm the Voice of Your Ego

Your ego is your identity.

Wayne Dyer says, "The ego defines ourselves in terms of:  

I am what I have

I am what I do

I am what other people think of me

I'm separate from everybody else

I'm separate from what's missing in my life

I'm separate from Source/God/Universe.”

Ultimately he says EGO stands for: Edging God Out.

It is keeping that divine part of you from connecting to your truest essence, a whole and holy being, who is beyond this body and lifetime.

So why do we have an ego?

It is created in childhood based on the that part of you that created stories to keep you safe.

It is serving your survival because the known is safe. It doesn’t want you to move forward because the known is familiar.

My friend Nicole Amaturo says EGO means Edging Growth Out.

I love this because it is another beautiful way to understand that the ego prevents you from growing into the next part of yourself.

If your ego is designed to keep you safe, you need to pay attention to this aspect of yourself because its voice will just get louder.

The ego is the gatekeeper of the separation to others and your higher self.

The test you must complete to pass through the gate is the test of judgement of ourselves and others.

Releasing judgement is the way you heal the separation you feel inside, which of course, is an illusion.

In the following Energy Healing Toolkit, I give you guidance on how to calm the voice of your ego.

Energy Healing Toolkit

Calm the Voice of Your Ego

Acknowledge: Notice the story that is going on in your mind that is tied to the negative feelings in your body. When you feel anger, hurt, sadness… stop and tap into the thoughts in your mind. Brene Brown says to herself, “the story I am telling myself is….”

Question: Ask yourself, “Is this story really true in this current situation?” Very often, it is a projection of our ego’s experience of the past projected into the present moment. The work of Byron Katie is a potent tool to remember what is true.

Soothe: Your ego is like a needy child. She needs to be seen and reminded that she is safe and you have things under control in the present moment. You can say, ‘It’s ok ego.. I know you are feeling ________. But we have a better story to tell about what is happening now. Our new story is_________.”

For example, “It’s ok ego, I know you are feeling like you need to protect me. But we have a new story to tell. Our new story is that everything is happening for our highest good. We are safe, protected and secure. The past has nothing to do with the present or future. My higher self has got this. All is well.”
The above is an excerpt from my book, "Clear Your Way Home." Click here to purchase and for more energy healing tools.