How To Heal Your Inner Child

How To Heal Your Inner Child

Time does NOT heal all wounds. In fact, with most things, the passing of time makes things worse. Why? Because you have to be, as Oprah says, ‘continually excavating the long buried wounds you’ve hidden beneath layers of a protective shell.’

These wounds are constantly running an outdated and often dysfunctional program in your life. It is the skewed lens in which you are viewing the world, the people and the events around you. It can be a lens of abandonment, guilt, shame, sadness, unworthiness, fear, anger or any other uncomfortable emotion that is rooted back in trauma from some past hurt. And this doesn’t go away until you deal with it. This deep rooted pain, very often from childhood, is running the show. Your inner child is screaming out to be comforted and loved.

Many people wonder why they are stuck in patterns that they can’t free themselves from. They don’t understand why they can’t move forward and attract all the wonderful things they desire.

Your inner child is trying to talk to you through your emotions. If you listen to your inner child, you will understand what needs to be healed.

You just have to have that awareness and want to do your soul work.

In my practice, I have had much success healing the Inner Child. If you would like to heal your inner child, schedule a 15 minute consultation call with me HERE.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Below are 25 Affirmations to Soothe Your Inner Child. May these words be like honey on your heart and soothe your soul. Speak them often to your inner child. She is listening.

25 Affirmations to Soothe Your Inner Child

  1. You are safe now.
  2. You are worthy just as you are.
  3. What happened to you was not your fault.
  4. It’s okay for you to feel all of your feelings.
  5. You are beautiful and loved.
  6. I love you in all ways, always.
  7. I am here to help you heal.
  8. You are loveable.
  9. There is nothing wrong with you and there never has been anything wrong with you.
  10. You are not too sensitive, too much or too loud.
  11. You deserve to receive, without having to pay a price.
  12. Your needs are important.
  13. You don’t need to be perfect.
  14. Your tears are welcome here and were never a sign of weakness.
  15. I will take care of you now.
  16. Your best was always enough.
  17. Your voice is seen and heard.
  18. Your loveability has nothing to do with how your parents or caregivers loved you.
  19. Everything is going to be ok.
  20. You have nothing to be ashamed of. 
  21. You are doing the best you can.
  22. You belong here.
  23. It is ok for you to be both healing and hurting.
  24. Your tender heart is safe here.
  25. I will never abandon you.