How to Use the Full Moon to Let Go

How to Use the Full Moon to Let Go

I am not an astrologist but I do believe there are universal forces that act on us that have a huge impact. The effects of these cosmic events are far greater than we can ever know.

With awareness of these cycles, we can harness the energy of them and do healing work for maximum effectiveness and fulfillment.

As we live in a modernized culture and have gotten away from being in nature, we need to consciously make an effort to seek out information about the cycles, tune into the rhythms and then go outside and set the intention to heal.

In this week’s Energy Healing Toolkit, I share with you a Super Full Moon Healing Ritual to clear and release what is no longer serving you.

In private sessions, we delve deeper into your energy, goals and needs.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.


Energy Healing Toolkit
Full Moon Healing Ritual
1. Go outside under the full moon.

2. Take a few deep breaths to get centered.

3. Ask your intuition for clarity on what you wish to release from your life, what no longer serves you and what you would like to be free from.

4. Say aloud, “I want to release……” and be very specific about what it is you want freedom from.  If you can write this down and then burn the paper outside, this will make it even more powerful.

5. Visualize the energy of your words or see the smoke rising as you release to the moon.

6. Take several deep breaths as you clear what no longer serves you.

7. If you need help clearing, ask Haniel, the archangel of the moon, to assist with this release.

8.  End the healing by putting prayer hands at heart’s center, bowing your head and saying aloud,

“Let everything that wants to go, go.
Let everything that wants to come, come.
And so it is. Namaste.”


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