Individual sessions are for anyone seeking personal growth or needing mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual healing. Through energy balancing techniques, it is possible to shift and release trapped emotional energy from the body and make you a better you.

One-on-one sessions center around an open-dialogue with individual support. In each session, you will:
  • Discuss your present situation and what you would like to change or bring into your life
  • Be introduced to energy balancing concepts and the three energy systems (aura, chakras, meridians)
  • Complete energy work based on your needs, goals and intentions
Not sure if a one-on-one session is right for you? Click here to request a free 15-minute consultation and we can figure it out together.

To book individual sessions, please select and purchase a package from the below options. Once booked, I will contact you to schedule each session. 


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Stories of Transformation

Since consistently working with Marci, so many great things have come into my life. I am so grateful for her intuitive and healing gifts. She is a beacon of beautiful light, which illuminates and clears the energetic pathways for others. She is a gift to all who are blessed to receive healing from her.

Karen R.

After working with Marci, words cannot even describe how much of a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much lighter and happier. I still cannot believe what we uncovered that was released.

Alex T.

Two and a half years ago, I took a leap of faith and started weekly sessions with Marci. The gratitude I feel for her gifts, her guidance and her love, have helped me overcome the past and bring me into fully embracing who I am. My life, my passion and work have turned into a place of calm and happiness. Thank you, Marci, for being my Homeward Bound Guide!

Andrea N.

Marci is truly a kind and loving soul and her work is exceptional. I am a part of her Magical Meditation Membership and they have changed my life.

Anna B.

Last night, I cleared out a lot of bad energy and I literally feel like a new person- lighter with a renewed attitude of gratitude and joy! Since taking part one, just two days ago, I have been approached with three new opportunities for my wellness coaching and Reiki practice. I have read testimonials like mine from other people and wondered when it would be my turn to feel this way! Whoo hooo! Thank you Marci! Thank you Universe! Thank you God!"

Janine H.

I feel connected, aligned and clear. Marci facilitated that for me and I am so grateful that I was part of her EA container. The shift feels soooo good!

Heather F.