Anxiety Quiz: Results Summary

Thanks for taking my anxiety quiz!  It's a great first step to helping you identify ways to alleviate anxiety and focus on healing. 

Please note, this isn’t a diagnosis and is certainly not intended to create more anxiety but is instead meant as information to support your healing.

Category 1: FUTURE FIXER (Score = up to 20)

If your score falls in this range, your anxiety shows itself as fear projected into the future. Your anxiety is about something that hasn’t happened yet OR you are projecting a past event that already happened into a possible future that hasn’t yet occured.

If there is no immediate threat that you can experience through your senses, i.e. smelling smoke, hearing a siren, someone yelling in your house, you are safe and generally comfortable at this moment.

Only our thoughts can take us into the future.

The truth is everything is happening in the present moment.

Category 2: COVER GIRL OR GUY (Score = 21-40)

If your score falls in this range, your anxiety is a cover for an emotion you can’t or don’t want to feel. There is an emotion buried inside of you that anxiety sits on top of. Anxiety is an indicator that there is an emotion that doesn’t feel safe to experience or express. Your subconscious mind thinks; ‘I am afraid it is going to slip out’ and the anxiety keeps it from slipping out.

The reason why it is not safe is because in the past, your feelings were invalidated, minimized or made wrong. Your emotions threaten connection and safety. It was a survival and coping mechanism and nothing to be ashamed of.

Let’s take the example of anger… let’s say you are angry at someone and feel powerless to address it, when it comes up, you are unconsciously suppressing it and instead, anxiety is the cover.

‘I am really pissed off but I can’t or won’t feel it because it is not safe.’

Category 3: THE CONTROLLER (Score = 41-60)

If your score falls in this range, your anxiety is a messenger that you are feeling out of control. When you feel powerless, your ego wants to control how and when things are going to happen. 

You don’t have control over that. You never have and you never will.

What you do have control over is where you focus your attention and clarity about what you want and why. You also have control over your response to what is happening in your experience.

Your need to control or micromanage the universe and solutions, limits the possibilities that can come.

A good analogy is rowing your boat upstream against the current.  You are fighting the natural order of things. The goal is to surrender the control and go with the flow of life.

Once you realize there is a divine order and timing to everything, you stop needing to generate solutions and are able to receive your highest possibilities.

You can release control to receive everything that is waiting for you.

When you remember you are not your anxiety, you can see yourself as separate and able to shift your reality.

Once you see this, you are able to use your tools and shift your focus. That is where your true control lies.

The universe can deliver the most incredible solutions, options, pathways and blessings- even more than we can imagine.