Stories of Transformation

Check out these examples of healing from my amazing clients.

I’m vibrating high and nothing can stop me except my own negative mental chatter and ego resistance. I’m so grateful I listened when the universe sent me to Marci. I can’t wait to see where our continued work together takes me and my business. Thank you Marci for the gift of you!

Sinead K.

Marci taught us how to recognize how we are blocking what we desire and how to work through these blocks to have a more balanced and healthy view of who we are. She gave us the tools to raise our vibration and how to use the tools in our daily lives to move through any block. She taught us what it means to be sovereign. I am a changed woman and am so thankful the Universe brought Marci and I together.

Miya W.

Marci is an amazing teacher and energy clearing, healing Master! I love her and can never thank her enough for her brilliant work. I would recommend that if you are feeling stuck on any issue in your life that you should run, not walk, to Marci. You will begin to change your life in magical and deeply healing ways through meditation, education, tools and of course, LOVE!

Wendy H.

My first experience with energy healing was with Marci and it was wonderful. Marci did a general clearing on me and it was amazing. She is a born healer. She is extremely intuitive and put me right at ease. I was not sure what to expect but she took any apprehension I had away instantly with her warm, calm demeanor. It is hard to sum up the experience in a few words but I left feeling lighter and the pain that was in my ankle before the session was almost completely gone when she was through. I also attended one of her workshops on Chakra clearing and it was unlike anything I had experienced before. I floated out of the workshop and had a natural high from the work we did there. I also learned a lot from her. I have recommended Marci to many people and will continue to do so.

Dawn G.

The lessons I learned I have incorporated into my daily life. I recount that session with fervor to anyone who will listen and I urge him or her to do it for themselves. Marci’s soothing energy and kind soul shines through, and you won’t forget it.

Tara L.

Marci definitely has a great touch. I had only one session but that one time was significant for me. As she was clearing, I felt strong, turning sensations throughout my body. Once she was finished clearing, I felt light, energetic and my mind seemed more open. I later realized I wasn’t craving foods I normally crave. I would recommend Marci to everyone I know!

Carolyn S.

Last year was one of the most difficult years of my life. After a very bitter divorce and some health issues, I went to Marci for a clearing on several occasions. I didn’t know what to expect but Marci’s calm and encouraging demeanor put me at ease. On the table, I felt a lot of bodily sensations and temperature changes. I felt as though the negativity was leaving my body and I felt at such peace. When I got up, I felt calm, yet energized. Marci got rid of any distress I was feeling and also rid me of the fear of my health issue. After seeing Marci a few times, I can now say not only am I stronger than I have ever been in my life but I’m healthy as well.

Leora E.

I have been on a spiritual and healing journey for the last 5 years. I knew it was time to take my recovery to the next level. Divine intervention led me to Marci. She is truly an angel sent from above. Her intuition, knowledge, and guidance is exactly what I need as I continue to travel this road to a happy destiny. Thank you, Marci, for making this possible, providing me with a safe, peaceful, and loving environment to do so.

Lisa N.

Anyone who might be on the fence about whether or not it is ‘worth it’ or not, let me say this to you. I was in a pattern that wasn’t in my highest good. It might not have been the most negative, but I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t attracting the right opportunities. Now, I am vibrating at a MUCH higher frequency- and had two amazing sales conversations this morning in my business that I would be totally shocked if I didn’t close on.

Karen P.

I definitely felt the healing energy work that she did moving through my chakras and body. She quickly picked up on certain health issues before I told her anything.

Hannah S.

I truly feel like the work that Marci and I did together cleared the way for me to be able to conceive…Magic? Perhaps! Thank you Marci!

Sarah A.

After our session, I felt a surge of creativity and productivity in my work I have not felt in a while. I started working on my blog and website. I also got my first paid client for my new coaching program!

Bernadette M.

Marci is gifted and a blessing to all that needs healing. Not only does she clear the unwanted energy, she also provides the tools that help an individual to continue and protect their energy.

Giselle A.

After working with Marci, words cannot even describe how much of a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much lighter and happier. I still cannot believe what we uncovered that was released."

Alex T.

I was stuck at a horrible, dead end and toxic job. She gave me the confidence to walk away and open my own business!

Christen P.

The Power of Retreat: Attendee Testimonials

What I was able to release on the first night created a huge opening for the rest of my authentic self to come back to me in waves through each part of the retreat that you created and now I feel like I'm all of me again. Thank you so much!!!

Jenni R.

As I reflect on the weekend, I recall feeling welcomed and nurtured the instant I walked through the door by the most beautiful sister souls I never met before. You created the space for us to relax, discover, let go, nurture one another, dance, play, laugh, and laugh some more, and honor one another.

Maren K.

What a spectacular weekend with a fabulous group of women. Each and every woman brought the spirit of love and generosity in their own way. Marci Baron, you share yourself so generously. I'm inspired.

Jessica T.

For an introvert like me to feel so comfortable, welcomed, safe, loved within hours of arriving is truly amazing! Sisterhood is a powerful connection. I truly miss every single sister I've met. Thank you all so much for making my weekend so healing. INCREDIBLE!

Lauren A.

Thank you. You taught me to let go... I haven't cried in years. I mean really cry, and your words of pure wisdom, playful speech and ceremonies carried me to my next badass chapter! Seriously speaking I almost didn't go... wow, I am so glad I did.

Lori T.

If you haven’t joined in one of Marci’s retreats and are considering, give yourself the gift by saying “YES!” I’ve been on 2 retreats with Marci and, again, I am just BLOWN AWAY by the experience.

Roberta M.

I have been to Sedona many times but this time was different. It was truly out of this world. This amazing retreat I went on with beautiful ladies, whom most I had never met is a moment in time I will truly cherish forever. Marci Baron is a true curator of absolutely amazing retreats to honor your soul and get back to yourself of who YOU truly are. Ladies....take time for yourself. It is so important to get back to YOU and connect with women who love YOU just as you are. Truly life altering and nourishing.❤

Kacy S.

My Heart is sooo Filled from this Retreat with such a loving Sisterhood and Sacredness I Love You All #BrandNewKindofFree #Sedona

Jen P.

Your Sedona retreat this past week was indescribably MAGICAL!!! To be held in such a safe, loving and healing space was exactly what my mind, body and soul needed. The sisterhood bond we all created will be etched in my heart for lifetimes. From the high vibrational food and spectacular views, to the deep healing work and laughing under the stars, I will forever cherish this TRANSFORMATIONAL trip. Thank you for inviting me, holding me, loving me and supporting me. I appreciate you so much and can't wait to join you on another retreat!

Jaime B.

The pictures (from the retreat) capture the pure magic that this retreat was! Thank you Marci and all of you beautiful women. I love you ALL soooooo much and for the first time in years feel completely filled up

Rachel L.

Marci knows how to make pure magic happen at her retreats! They are a life changer. It is the best gift you could ever give yourself. I feel nourished in body, mind, and soul after our sacred time together in Sedona. I have come home with 8 new best friends. We belly laughed, we had fun, we healed, we relaxed, we hiked, we star gazed, we laughed some more and we had the most delicious and nutritious food ever! Marci provides a sacred space for you to have life altering experiences! Can't wait until the next one!

Jennifer S.

Marci Baron, you know how to put on amazing retreats!!! This has been amazing!

Erica C.

Marci is the most amazing curator of a women's retreat. The space she creates and holds is nurturing, uplifting and what every woman's soul needs to experience! I am in awe of what transpired for myself and the women I shared this beautiful time with.

Carolyn W.

Sedona was my first retreat with you and it was simply amazing! The week you created was what my spirit needed and you knew exactly what to do and how to create the space for all of us to come together in light and in love. I released so much that I was holding on to and learned from our practices how to look at life differently, to be joyful, happy, to raise my vibration to the next level, to let go and be free. Thank you for the gift of coming back to the person I long to be! You are truly one of the most intuitive women that I have meant and have learned so much from you and the sisterhood that you created in Sedona! You are an amazing gift to all of us!

Shari G.

Stories of Transformation