Embody Your Spiritual Self Retreat

The universe is tapping you on the shoulder to upgrade. It is doing this in subtle (and maybe not so subtle) ways. You know there is a next best version of yourself ready to come online. Whether it is in relationships, your health, your career, your soul's purpose, your spiritual connection… Whatever is showing up in your life, you know you are ready to dive deep and come out transformed. 

How do you get started?  A retreat away with like minded women who are also ready to transform.

On this retreat, I am going to take you on a journey to access the single thread that is woven through all aspects of your life that is preventing you from reaching that next level.

It can be showing itself to you in physical, mental and/or emotional ways.  It can be showing you in repeating patterns.  But it is showing itself to you.  I call this a ‘spiritual flu.’

A spiritual flu is an invitation to become the master of your mind, body and spirit connection.

Your spirit is talking to you. In ways that you aren’t paying attention to or don’t understand.  I am going to help you learn how to access what your spirit is saying & translate it for yourself.

Let me show you how to embody your spiritual self.  This is the cure to the spiritual flu.

When you embody your spiritual self, you:

​​Join me for a transformative getaway to up-level your life to activate change, bring it home and integrate into your daily life.


Dates: Thursday, April 28- Sunday, May 1, 2022

Where: Fenwick House in Old Saybrook, CT

Send me a message if you would like the link to register.

Discount will be applied for Crystalline members.