Why go on retreat?

There's something special about human connection that can never be found over a computer screen.

No online experience will ever come close to the magic that takes place when we come together in person!

You break patterns by submerging yourself into nature, community and transformation.

Spending time together in sacred space, allows the healing to accelerate.

On my retreats, you will experience an expansion of your soul through
energetic activations, deep sisterhood and personalized support.

You walk away feeling refreshed, re-energized and with clear vision for
your life because you have been transformed on a deep, soul level that
lasts when you return home.

Check out the video below to hear how the retreat experience can transform you.

Why Go On Retreat?

Are you interested in learning more about what my wellness retreats are like and if they could be beneficial for you?  Here are some answers to common questions regarding the retreats.

What is a destination wellness retreat?

A destination wellness retreat is time away at a private, luxurious location where the focus is on your healing and expansion.  

What is the purpose of a retreat?

The main purpose of a wellness retreat is to make investments in ourselves that go deeper than our surface level awareness. On my retreats, I carefully curate a holistic wellness experience where you dive in deep and leave feeling changed for the better!  You are able to bring home lasting change and integrate them into your daily life. 

How long are destination wellness retreats?

The amount of time away varies- ranging from a weekend to a full 7 days

Where are some of the locations for retreats?

Locations for my recent and upcoming retreats include the Dominican Republic, Sedona AZ, the Poconos Mountains in PA, the Catskills Mountains in NY, Shelter Island, NY and Old Saybrook, CT. 

How can a retreat benefit you and speed up your healing?

Women come away from my retreats feeling:

💖 Nurtured

💖 Full of inner strength

💖 Healed from trauma and pain

💖 Connected, calm, and re-energized!

They aren’t just investing in a week away visiting a beautiful, luxurious location (although, they get that, too).

They are investing in deep soul-level changes that last far beyond the end of the retreat.

What happens at my wellness retreats?

If you’ve never been on a retreat before, here's what you can expect.  These beautiful, relaxing places offer escape and are filled with luxury where everything is done and planned for you. You’ll have time to relax and unplug as you enjoy a week of resting, connecting to yourself and others, and playing in the presence of natural beauty. You will eat delicious and nutritious food prepared by a chef so that you feel nourished and radiant. 

What are some of the activities at my wellness retreats?

Activities such as gentle yoga, guided meditation, breath work, creative movement, inquiry work, hands-on healing,  sound healing, dance, play, art, massage, swimming, and hot tubbing allow you to expand and relax! There are also excursions such as kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, hiking and immersing in the local culture. There is plenty of down time to just relax too!

I also host private retreats for you and your group’s individualized needs. Interested in discussing the possibilities? Simply click the button below to email me. 

Stories of Transformation

These are just some of the stories of transformation women have experienced at my retreats.

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