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Claim your sovereignty and your divine worth

Unlock your full potential and power


Discover your deeper purpose & higher soul calling

Deepen your connection to your body and intuition


Together, we’ll create a bespoke energy healing experience to help you:

If you’re ready to unlock an expansive, abundant life, you’re in the right place...

Ignite the Spark!

“Ignite The Spark”

15 minute free consultation where we discuss your needs and see if we’re an energetic fit.

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Ignite the Breakthrough”

This is a great choice for anyone needing a fast, quantum leap forward!

In this power session, we’ll clear energy blockages and address a specific area in which you feel stuck.

Investment: $333

A one-time, 75-minute 1:1 session

I'm Ready!

perfect for women who are...

Needing a quantum leap, FAST!

Desiring a quick change!

Wanting to get a taste of my style.

Addressing one area!

“Ignite The Change” 

For women seeking a deeper dive into what’s been holding you back.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll be able to address your energetic blockages, pulling them out by the roots, one by one.

Excellent for those who want to dive into a six week healing container to accelerate change.

Includes Voxer support between sessions.

Investment: $2500 in full, or $915/bi-weekly.

6-week Container with six, 60-minute sessions per Week 

Book a consult!

perfect for women who are...

Seeking a deeper dive into what’s been holding you back!

Ready to address your energetic blockages, pulling them out by the roots, one by one!

Desiring meaningful and accelerated change!

Excited to expand into your next level!

“Ignite The Transformation” 

If you’re looking for total transformation and freedom, this is the highest level of personalized healing I offer.

At this frequency, we’re able to excavate your most hidden depths together in a way that is safe, skillful, and supportive; driving you towards your truest, most beautiful life at an accelerated yet healthy pace!

Includes unlimited Voxer support

Investment: $4750 in full, or $1650/mo.

3-month container with weekly 60-minute sessions  per month

perfect for women who are...

Ready to radically change your life in ALL areas!

Want to live their most expansive life!

Desiring to live your soul's purpose with joy, abundance and led from the heart!

Excited to live the life of your dreams!

Book a consult!

Book a consult!

'Quantum Expansion' Group Program

In my proven & upgraded virtual program“Quantum Expansion,” we will upgrade and uplevel your life.

When we have a supportive gathering of like-minded individuals, all of whom are invested in deep transformation, a unique kind of ALCHEMY happens!

Your 8-week Rocketship to the life of your dreams



ignite the next level of your life